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Focus Genetics are committed to partnering with leading New Zealand farmers, helping to unlock the potential for more profitable lamb, beef and venison production, now and in the future.


Leading genetic gain

From the moment our pastoral pioneers landed in New Zealand, clearing bush, ploughing tussock country and draining wetlands to sow pasture, they began cross-breeding stock to better suit local environments.

Now, some 170 years later, Focus Genetics is proud to be continuing that journey for Kiwi farmers. Backed by the considerable resources, knowledge and capability of Landcorp New Zealand, we use groundbreaking genetic research and technologies.

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Challenges & Objectives

Communicate Focus
Genetics Brand Story

Highlight Focus Genetics declaration and promise of being in the driving seat for red meat genetics and breeding in New Zealand.

Reaching the Right Audience

Reaching three distinct audiences had proven to be a challenge for Focus Genetics. With a distinct product offerings it needed to be clear what the proposition was.

The Focus Genetics Experience

We also wanted to highlight Focus Genetics commitment to providing the best genetic farming solutions to improve product production now and into the future.

WordPress Development

Putting it all together

Working with Focus Genetics, Rob Achten and Lucy Dobbs, NZ Digital developed a new digital platform that communicated Focus Genetic’s unique brand story, highlighting their declaration of “your partner in genetic gain” and the promise to drive farm profitability through genetic breeding.

The new website accomplishes this through multiple product landing pages, content, case studies and product offerings. Simply by navigating through the site, the customer can obtain an understanding of what makes Focus Genetics unique, but one area that principally highlights this important brand story is the “proof” page.

This is an area where the brand can really emphasise to the customer why and how they are different. They reiterate their promise, to work with New Zealand farmers, helping to unlock the potential for more profitable lamb, beef and venison production, now and in the future.

The numbers

The results

The result is a cohesive digital platform that unifies the unique product offering of Focus Genetics under a clear brand strategy. The overall structure encourages the user to browse within product landing pages with clear messaging and guidance which increases time spent and pages visited. The responsive design and repetition of simple and clear CTAs also boost’s the user experience while driving engagement.

51.51 %
Increase in Time on Site
105.63 %
Increase in Pages Per Session
88.90 %
Reduction in Bounce Rate

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