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We can help you achieve your
digital marketing goals

We work with you to create and implement complete tailored digital strategy, from research, concept, and
through to content creation, campaign set up and reporting.

Our Process



Before we start putting your campaign strategy together, we analyse your current online presence. This covers everything from website analytics, user journeys on the site, social media profiles and any consumer data you have to hand. Having a clear picture of your starting point enables us to analyse what’s currently working, and where we can add value.



The define stage is where we map out your goals and objectives. Here we will create user personas and optimise your digital platforms as required to support our campaign plan. At this stage we put together your digital marketing strategy document – this outlines what we will deliver and how we will measure success and any budget you’ll need to put behind paid promotion.



Once your strategy is in place, we will use this to create and set up your campaigns in line with your goals and objectives. Our team of strategists, social media gurus and content creators will ensure each content deliverable strategically hits one of your conversion goals.



As your campaign progresses, we will optimise content deliverables as required for maximum effects. You will have a dedicated campaign strategist who will report back to you on what’s working, and what could be optimised for maximum impact. We track your campaigns at every stage to ensure you are receiving maximum ROI.

Rayglass Boats

Rayglass Boats partnered with NZ Digital to redesign their website and create a digital marketing platform that better reflected the company’s personality, while still maintaining its market position as leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality GRP power boats.


We were tasked to build brand awareness in the surrounding communities, increase site traffic and improve website assisted sales of used cars all through a clear and consistent digital strategy.

Design Builders

We created a campaign strategy that used Facebook Ads to drive prospects to download an ebook, triggering a follow up email encouraging them to enquire.

It takes more than just a website

Digital strategy

You need a sound digital marketing strategy to ensure your actions are in line with your business objectives. To put together your digital strategy, we’ll chat to you about your business goals and learn as much as we can about your needs.

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Content creation

We create compelling digital content for your business, from website landing pages that convert to eBooks that position you as a thought leader in your industry.

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Paid promotion

To increase your chance of standing out among your competitors on social media and on Google search engine results pages, it pays to go beyond organic posting and SEO and invest some of your marketing budget into paid promotion.

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Email marketing

As a form of inbound marketing, Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with leads and prospects.

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Social media marketing

Do you want to establish more of a presence for your business on social media but unsure how to get started? The first step is to create a social media strategy that fits in with your digital marketing goals.

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Data & Analytics

We break these down into Plain English to make it easy to understand and will identify key areas where you’re experiencing success along with areas that could use further optimisation.

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Tools of the trade

How can we help?

Reach out to learn more about working with us. We love meeting with new clients and helping them achieve success through smart, good-looking and strategic digital.

Adam Harris
Digital Account Manager

Level 1, 22-28 Customs St East
Britomart, Central Auckland

NZ Digital Building, 21a Hastings Street,
Napier, Hawke’s Bay

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