What is Shopify Plus and why does it exist?

Fast-growing brands need to focus on their businesses and customers, not on managing and updating complicated technology. At a time when tech and ecommerce trends are quickly changing, brands require a future-proof solution that supports their businesses. Shopify Plus comes was created as an intuitive platform that can easily support complex needs, so merchants could focus on what matters most – making their customers happy.

What is Shopify Plus for?

Companies that have, or are preparing for, rapid growth face a list of challenges that grow as quickly as their business: large order volumes, complex business systems, wholesale relationships, international markets, new sales channels, and on and on. The Shopify Plus platform provides these high-volume, high growth businesses and world-class brands with custom, scalable solutions and support beyond the other Shopify offerings.

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Why do merchants choose Shopify Plus?

At a time when online sales are beating out in-store transactions, today’s customers expect an easy online experience and to be able to complete a purchase anytime, anywhere. Despite this, customers still often receive inconsistent, disjointed, or slow experiences. The Shopify Plus platform is dedicated to simplifying the complex, growing at the pace of the merchant, and built with customer experience in mind.

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Who is a good fit for Shopify Plus?

The world’s most innovative brands trust Shopify Plus to make sure they have the world-class technology they need to scale. Businesses who may benefit from Shopify Plus include:

Existing Shopify customers who are handling new levels of growth and complexity
Businesses requiring an easy-to-use platform that will meet the expectations of modern customers
Retail store owners who want to take their businesses online
Businesses who don’t want to keep managing their own expensive custom platform
Business who find it costly and difficult keeping up with new technology
Businesses who find their current ecommerce not sufficient for their business needs

Experience better software

Leverage the benefits of a SaaS solution without losing the ability to customise and scale your business. Shopify Plus allows you to execute with speed and agility while the technology does the heavy lifting.

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Did you know

The Number of Shoppers Who Bought from Shopify Merchants Increased By 52 Percent from 2019 to 2020.

Source: shopify.com

Sell Where Your Customers Are

Commerce is changing fast, and your clients need a platform that will change with it. Sell through social, mobile, marketplaces, your blog, IRL, or anywhere else! Shopify Plus lets your clients be where your customers are now – and where they will be tomorrow.

Scalable and Reliable

Shopify Plus handles the biggest sales events on the internet with ease. With 10,978 peak orders every minute, selling out in seconds is something Shopify Plus brands do regularly. Unlimited bandwidth, 99.98% average uptime, Level 1 PCI DSS, and SOC 2 Type II compliance give customers what they want.

Truly Global

Sell everywhere your customers are and will be while delivering the same quality experience across all channels. Shopify Plus is set up to make selling internationally easy – whether that’s multiple expansion stores for different regions or seamlessly selling in multiple currencies in the same store.

Multi-channel Ready

Managing all sales channels is a breeze with native integrations for Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Pinterest, and third-party integrations for Buzzfeed, Wanelo, Houzz, Wish, Kik, and more.

Automation and Customisation

Shopify Flow is the first ecommerce automation software that can automate business processes in just a few clicks. Since its launch, merchants have already automated over 400 million tasks and ideas, reclaimed 3.2 million hours of time, and most importantly, saved millions of dollars.

Advanced Promotion Scheduling

Launchpad is a tool that allows you to prepare and plan for a flash sale or product launch well in advance. Launchpad lives inside your Shopify admin. It allows you to schedule product visibility, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and more with a defined start and end time.

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