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Segmentation of your audiences

Segmentation allows you to group your audience based on behaviours, interests, and personal characteristics.

Easy automation

Create beautiful, engaging emails and texts that send themselves. With Klaviyo, advanced multi-channel marketing automation is as easy as it is powerful.

Stock level updates for customers

The ability to track abandoned cart and other customisable flows meaning you can capture your buyers at any point of their online experience.

With Klaviyo, you can send more personal, better targeted communications. Seamlessly collect and store all relevant data about your customers so you can use it to deliver memorable experiences, drive more sales, and create stronger relationships.

Completely Integrated

Make the most out of your data and unlock powerful growth marketing possibilities by integrating Klaviyo with lots of familiar names.

Get started with Klaviyo

Track email and SMS performance and get marketing insights that are actually useful

Brands know that it takes data to answer their marketing questions. Finding those answers can be a time suck though, and that’s just for the questions that are top of mind.

Klaviyo’s reports library has dozens of pre-built reports, organised by topic so it’s easy to find answers. You can also build custom reports that get as granular as you’d like.

Klaviyo is the only ecommerce marketing platform with built-in, personalised benchmarks—specific to your industry, growth rate, and other business.

Personalisation shouldn’t
be difficult

Your business should revolve around customers-your marketing should revolve around data.

Did you know

50,000+ businesses of all
sizes rely on Klaviyo to help them grow.

Source: Klaviyo

ROI-based reporting

See sales from email marketing, based on actual transactions.

Powerful segmentation

Target based on behavior, browsing, properties & more.

Facebook advertising

Use Klaviyo segments to target your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Pre-built autoresponders

Start making more money in minutes by turning on pre-built email flows.

Website tracking

Use visitor behavior to target triggered emails and segment your audience.

Triggered emails

Automated email flows let you target messaging based on real-time behavior.

Abandoned cart series

Built-in abandoned cart email flows let you drive more sales right away.

Real-time tracking

See email campaigns results in real-time, from open to purchase.

Custom integrations

Hook up custom ecommerce platforms and other apps with our API.

Success Story

Leading book distributor Bookreps saw an 87% increase in returning customer rate.

By automating emails about new book releases, abandoned cart reminders, back in stock alerts, and more; we were able to boost Bookreps’ communication with their existing contacts and increase returning ecommerce customer rate by 87%.

87 %
Increase in returning customer rate
34 %
Increase in average order value
220 %
Increase in total sales

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