Digital Ads drive immediate traffic to your website & get results

PPC advertising is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website immediately

We have the knowledge, tools and experience to help your campaigns be a success.

Google Ads

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for the product or service you offer and take clicks from your competitors in Google search and maps. Only pay for the results you get, such as clicks to your website or calls to your business.

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Google Merchant Ads

Google Shopping ads will put your store and product info directly into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google search engine results. That means everything about your store and products is available to customers when they search for a product you offer.

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Microsoft Ads

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for the product or service you offer and take clicks from your competitors in Google search and maps.

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Facebook Ads

Don’t compete, dominate. Close your competitors acquisition channels and get noticed with Facebook Advertising.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are proven to reach a highly visual and engaged audience.
We help you target the right customers, saving on ad spend, and scaling your campaigns for a higher ROI.

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LinkedIn Ads

Push your brand to relevant, professional audiences through highly targeted LinkedIn ads. Advertising on LinkedIn gives your brand the opportunity to reach very specific audiences, drive increased engagement on articles, and raise awareness of products’.

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We break these down into plain english to make it easy to understand and will identify key areas where you are experiencing success, along with areas that could use further optimisation.

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Meet your certified digital marketing partner

When you see a partners badge, it means we have been carefully vetted and meet the highest standards required to make your digital marketing campaigns successful.

Our Process

The digital marketing landscape is increasingly complicated. In order to get through to your ideal audience and stand out from the crowd, you must not only compete on multiple platforms but dominate them.
With NZ Digital as your PPC advertising partner you’ll be able to break out of siloed platforms, own your customer relationships and get better insights into what’s working.

Did you know

ROI on your digital marketing budget can be huge. Focusing marketing efforts in areas where people already spend their time online results in higher-quality leads.



Before we start putting your campaign strategy together, we analyse your current online presence. This covers everything from website analytics, user journeys on the site, social media profiles and any consumer data you have to hand. Having a clear picture of your starting point enables us to analyse what’s currently working, and where we can add value.


The define stage is where we map out your goals and objectives. Here we will create user personas and optimise your digital platforms as required to support our campaign plan. At this stage we put together your digital marketing strategy document – this outlines what we will deliver and how we will measure success and any budget you’ll need to put behind paid promotion.


Once your strategy is in place, we will use this to create and set up your campaigns in line with your goals and objectives. Our team of strategists, social media gurus and content creators will ensure each content deliverable strategically hits one of your conversion goals.


As your campaign progresses, we will optimise content deliverables as required for maximum effects. You will have a dedicated campaign strategist who will report back to you on what’s working, and what could be optimised for maximum impact. We track your campaigns at every stage to ensure you are receiving maximum ROI.

Tools of the trade

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