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Data matters for better decision making on your digital marketing campaigns. Our team sit down with you and uncover which metrics make the most sense for your business goals. This allows us to build dashboards and monthly reports that help you make more informed strategic decisions. This approach drives profitability, and enables you to better compete with the competition.

By focusing on these actionable insights and data visualisations, we can ensure consistent interpretation and clearly identify next steps to enhance your digital marketing performance. This enables accurate channel decisions to ensure your marketing dollar is being invested strategically and effectively.

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Digital Marketing Analytics Toolbox

Facebook Analytics

This tool allows us to gain a deeper understanding of where and how people interact with your business across your website, app and Facebook page. We use this data to support digital campaign objectives, optimise and grow.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Insights enables us to learn more about your followers and the people interacting with your business on Instagram. By carefully analysing data such as gender, age range and location we can see what posts and stories your audience sees and engages with to drive better conversion of your ads.

LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn’s analytics enables us to measure the number of users who saw the content you posted on LinkedIn. The demographics of the users who follow and visit your channel, including the country where they are located, their seniority and their industry. We use these 
insights to deliver your ads to the right audience.

MailChimp Analytics

We use this tool to gain insights on how your customers have interacted with your email marketing, whether they’ve clicked, bought, or downloaded.
By gaining a better understand of your audience we can focus in on the types of campaigns that deliver the best results for your business.


Understanding ROI through actionable insights

There is a mass of data and metrics available, but what’s the best way to understand what worked in the past and how to optimise for the future? At NZ Digital our role is to uncover the ‘why’ so we can predict and improve the future performance of your digital marketing campaigns.
This should be defined as actionable insights that align with business objectives that will deliver more successful campaigns.

Get Started with Analytics & Insights

Google Analytics Toolbox

Google Analytics

Analysing website data begins with correct tracking and attribution. From first click to last touch, we cover the basics with goals/filters/views and UTM parameters then configure GA to support your digital marketing objectives and revenue goals.

Google Tag Manager

GTM enables us to manage your pixel universe across websites and platforms. The power of centralised pixel management enables us to optimise specific trigger rules and actions that support digital campaign objectives.

Google Data Studio

True transformation happens when we connect data with decisions. We unlock its power by consolidating data sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, CRMs, and more into a single platform for improved decision making.

Conversion Tracking

Our funnel-focused perspective to analytics begins with robust conversion tracking. From phone calls and web forms to specific page visits and session analysis, we help you visualise the customer journey to optimise for revenue gains.

Did you know

Data-driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result.


Success Story

Home developers CMP Living saw 235 leads generated in 90 days. 

By leveraging real-time data and insights, CMP Living was able to quickly pivot into more effective marketing strategies, tailor their messaging and content to their audience’s preferences, and optimise their campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.

75.6 k
Impressions in 90 days
16.3 k
Potential buyers reached
Leads generated

Digital Insights

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No matter the campaign, our team takes a data-driven and ROI-focused approach to help you grow your business.


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