Reach a wider audience:

With Microsoft Advertising, you can reach millions of users who may not be using other search engines like Google. By tapping into this untapped market, we can help you increase your brand’s visibility and attract more potential customers.

Targeted advertising

Microsoft Advertising offers advanced targeting options that allow us to create highly personalised campaigns. We can target users based on their location, demographics, interests, and even the type of device they’re using.

Cost-effective campaigns

Our team of experts can help you optimise your bidding and targeting to get the most out of your advertising budget. By carefully monitoring your campaigns, we can help you reduce your cost per click and maximise your return on investment.

Measurable results

With Microsoft Advertising, you can track your campaign performance in real-time and access detailed analytics and reporting. We can help you analyse your data and make informed decisions to improve your campaigns over time.

Microsoft Display Network

We’ll put your ads in front of customers across multiple properties and devices they use in their journeys.

See what your users want—with Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a behavioural analytics tool that turns user data into visual insights and shows which parts of your website get the most engagement.

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Did you know

3 million of Bing’s 5.5 million New Zealand and Australian users are unique to the engine

Source: Search Engine Land

Instant heatmaps

Generated automatically for all your pages. See where people click, what they ignore, and how far they scroll.

Session Recordings

Watch how people use your site. Explore what’s working, learn what needs to be improved, and test out new ideas.

Powerful insights

Quickly discover where users get frustrated and turn these problems into opportunities.

Google Analytics integration

Connect Google Analytics and Clarity to seamlessly integrate these two powerful platforms.

Types of Microsoft Ads

We can set-up and run multiple kinds of ads in Microsoft, each ad format has its own benefits. We analyse your needs and goals before recommending a specific type of ad or ads to reach your audience.

  • Search ads
  • Multimedia ads
  • Audience ads
  • Product ads

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