LinkedIn advertising has the potential to help you significantly improve visibility, drive sales, and grow your business online, getting the most out of your LinkedIn ad spend requires knowledge and experience with the LinkedIn ad platform.

The LinkedIn difference is clear

Advertising on LinkedIn gives your brand the opportunity to reach very specific audiences, drive increased engagement on articles, and raised awareness of products.

Our campaign strategies combine strategy and testing to find just the right combination of targeting, content, creative design and budget to reach and engage your ideal customers.

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Direct Business to 
Business Marketing

Reach 1.5 Million NZ Professionals, in one place, LinkedIn is the number one channel for business to business advertising.

Boost Brand Awareness & Generate Leads

Reach your customers where they are most active, in the palm of their hands.

Retarget customers on Facebook to encourage 
repeat visits

Keep your product or service front of mind after a potential customer has left your website.

Our team behind yours

LinkedIn is the number one channel for business to business marketing and advertising online. For businesses looking for more B2B customers, clients, and lead generation, LinkedIn is the ideal network, with adverts being pushed directly into your target audience’s news feeds. As a LinkedIn advertising agency, we have an experienced team of social media experts and creative designers who know what it takes to develop and implement effective LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to get in front of local companies, or directors across New Zealand, our team will use effective demographic targeting to ensure your business adverts reach the right audiences on LinkedIn. We will monitor success and test different ad elements to optimise performance and drive results.

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We are your digital partner

We’ve been recognised amongst the industries top agencies as a Facebook Marketing Partner. The ‘Facebook Marketing Partner’ badge is awarded only to digital marketing agencies who meet the highest standards of performance and service. This signifies that we are among the best in our industry at what we do.

Did you know

New Zealand now boasts more than 1,540,000 LinkedIn members, according to the latest LinkedIn data.


Plan for success

By crafting a strategic LinkedIn marketing strategy, we help you reach the consumers who are most likely to be interested in your company’s product or service offering by researching and targeting audiences based on information about your ideal customers, which can include details like demographics, interests, and behaviours. Once this audience has been defined and built, we get to work.

Create and Manage

Our team work closely with you to design and deploy image ads, text ads and dynamic ads that are tailored to target your strategic audiences and drive results. We then promote your content to forge a solid relationship between your audience and your business.

Measure and Report

Once your campaigns are running we stay on top of your paid social performance with our detailed LinkedIn Ads reporting, we make sure that you are getting the most out of your ad spend by using real-time data to make intelligent decisions about future campaigns, keeping you updated along the way.

We  focus on getting you the best return on your investment for your company using paid social.

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