Rebuilding Your Website? Here’s What To Consider

Planning a website rebuild? Consult our checklist to ensure you approach your web design strategically and align it with your digital marketing goals.

So you’re thinking about rebuilding your existing website. Whether you’re rebranding, wanting to change CMS platforms or adapting to changing times, a website rebuild is the perfect opportunity to take stock of where you’re at digitally, and ensure you do things right this time around.

Here’s a handy checklist with some things to consider before going through a website rebuild, from the CMS you use to functionality considerations and how to choose the right web design agency to help.

1. What’s your why?

Take Simon Sinek’s advice and start with your why. In other words, what overarching purpose is this website rebuild serving? Consider whether a website rebuild is going to serve this goal. In some cases your website may not need to be completely rebuilt. It may be that a design refresh is all you need to better align it with the customer journey, or that some additional SEO work and content creation would provide a more engaging user experience. If you’re taking the plunge and rebuilding, make sure it’s going to serve your business objectives.

2. What elements does your website need?

Consider the features and functionality your new website needs in order to achieve your why, and whether there are additional ones that aren’t present in your existing site. Does it need to be set up to accept online payments? Do you require a blog to house tips and thought-leading articles about your industry? Do you need visitors to be able to book an appointment online? The features and functionality you require will help inform how you go about your website rebuild, the CMS you use and the way it’s designed.

3. Which CMS platform is best?

Rebuilding your website is the perfect opportunity to assess whether the CMS platform you’re using is working for you. You might find a different one will be more tailored to the needs of where you’re headed. For instance, if you’re currently using WooCommerce, you could consider switching to Shopify for easier payment integrations, great functionality and better analytics. Don’t be put off changing CMS; in most cases it’s not so hard to make the switch and it will lead to increased business and a better experience for your visitors down the track. Read more about how to choose the right CMS platform for your website.

4. What’s your timeframe and budget?

It’s important you have a timeline and cost threshold in mind prior to commencing. This gives you have something to work towards and will align everyone’s expectations. When talking to agencies, it’s helpful to provide them with these details so they can give you accurate quotes and understand the scope of the project. Here, some compromise may be in order. If your budget is small but you require complex functionality, you may need to prioritise which features are the most important right now, versus what could be done later.

5. What external resources do you require?

When tackling a website rebuild project, it helps to get some outside support, and a digital marketing agency experienced in website rebuilds can help you with all the components of the process. Their web designers will employ their knowledge of UX to ensure the new site caters to your customers’ needs. Their web developers, in addition to building the new site itself, can also handle crucial things such as content migration, internal redirects, testing and fix bugs and issues once the site goes live. A dedicated account manager will manage the project and ensure it all goes smoothly. You’ll be dealing with a team of people skilled in their niche areas that will work together to produce a winning finished product.

How to choose a digital marketing agency to rebuild your website

When looking for an agency to help you with your website rebuild, keep an eye out for things such as:

  • Do they just offer the basics or do they provide an exceptional digital marketing offering?
  • Take a look at their case studies. Who have they worked with previously and what results have they achieved?
  • Are they a thought leader in the digital marketing field? Follow them on social media, download their white papers and read their blog articles. These things will tell you if they really know their stuff.

Ready to talk to the experts about your website rebuild? Get in touch today.

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