Classic New Zealand

100% Pure. 100% NZ.

The goal was to create an updated Shopify driven platform, which would leverage the latest eCommerce technologies to showcase the Classic Sheepskins craft, passion, honesty and eye for detail.


A Legacy of Quality

The Classic Sheepskins story begins in a far-off pristine part of the planet. In New Zealand, the air is pure, the water clear and the pastures lush. Sheep roam freely, raised with care and respect. These animals weather cool winters and hot summers in coats nature designed to endure. Our products are born in this unique place.

All Classic sheepskins are produced in New Zealand’s natural and sustainable environment of open pastures, fresh air, pure water and sunshine. Furthermore, Classic products are all New Zealand designed and skilfully and safely manufactured providing assurances of product consistency and quality.

Shopify Development


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WordPress Development

A brand new look

Through a collaborative approach to design, we worked to shape and infuse the buying experience with a clean look enhanced by crisp product graphics and imagery — meshing the voice of the brand, dynamic farm photography and product imagery.

In order to position it as a leading crop protection company, NZ Digital created a website that further distinguishes Lonza NZ with a modern design that enhances the brand’s sophistication with a clean interface and functionality.

With more than half of websites being accessed on mobile devices, we sought to accommodate Lonza’s customers by creating an experience that adapts to any device, regardless of screen size. This allows customers to seamlessly locate product information wherever they are.

Fully Responsive

On the go

Using a responsive approach in our designs and development work, the NZ Digital team delivered an eCommerce platform (Shopify) that adapts to any device.

Challenges & Objectives

100% Pure New Zealand

Showcase the story and philosophy behind Classic Sheepskins all natural NZ made products.

Increasing Online Sales

Streamline the customer journey to create a more efficient and user-friendly sales & checkout process.

Customer Education

Educate customers on 50 years of ‘craft executed with passion, honesty and an eye for detail’.

The numbers

The results

The result is a modern, elegant website that effectively elevates the Classic Sheepskins brand and seamlessly translates their best-in-class product experience to an online destination, regardless of the device being used.

40.56 %
Increase in Time on Site
87.54 %
Increase in Conversion Rate
22.10 %
Reduction in Bounce Rate

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