Why Is WordPress Such A Popular Web Design Platform?

WordPress is the most popular web design platform out there. With more choice than ever before, it still powers a third of all websites. We find out why.

We’re big fans of building WordPress websites, and we’re not alone; it’s used to create a third of all the websites online today. But let’s dive beyond the statistics.

Why do so many online businesses pick WordPress as their CMS platform? New players in the web design and content management world continue to emerge on the scene, yet WordPress’ popularity endures. Let’s dive in and find out why.

It combines simplicity with functionality

There are other platforms out there that are very simple to use. Squarespace is one you may have encountered before. Known for its simplicity and sleek aesthetic, this platform has proven quite popular for building websites. However, it can’t seem to compete with WordPress, and the reason for this comes down to a balance between simplicity and complexity. Squarespace is a website builder, which means it’s great for creating blogs and simple websites for purposes such as freelancer portfolios. However, when it comes to designing a business website, you want a full-scale CMS with a little more oomph. WordPress has powerful functionality, plus it gives you greater freedom to think beyond static design templates and create a site that’s unique to your business. With thousands of ways to customise your web design, you’re not at risk of ending up with a website that looks the same as every other one out there. WordPress’ popularity comes down to that bit of extra freedom to control the design of your website.

It’s easy to use

The great thing about WordPress is that while it’s complex enough for your UX designer to create all the functionality your website needs, it’s also easy for someone with little to no experience of web design platforms to use. You’ll end up with a website that not only reflects the unique offerings and personality of your business, but that you can navigate yourself without needing the skills of a pro web developer or a seasoned website designer. Some elements can be automated, such as plugins that connect to your social media feeds, requiring little effort on your part. Creating and maintaining your business blog is also easy on WordPress. Your developer and designer can set you up with a blog section, and with a quick tutorial your team will be able to post new blogs every week.

It’s open source

Another reason WordPress is so popular for web design is that it’s open source. You’ll hear this term used quite a lot when it comes to content management systems. Open source platforms are great because there’s a large global community of designers and developers out there constantly working on improving bugs and issues. If something goes wrong, it gets fixed quicker, and it also means that your website can keep up-to-date with changes to web design trends.

Hire the WordPress experts

We’ve built some incredible WordPress websites for our clients, and we’d love to help you grow your business with WordPress, too! Our team of web design and digital marketing professionals can answer any questions you have about the platform and figure out whether it’s the best one for your web design needs.

Talk to us about WordPress for web design today.

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