Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements: ensure your emails make it to the inbox

Don’t leave marketing dollars on the table by accidentally letting your emails land in spam. Make sure you’re up to date with Google and Yahoo’s new email sender requirements.

Google and Yahoo have announced new requirements for email senders that will help keep inboxes safer and more spam-free. These requirements must be met by April 1, 2024, or you will start experiencing deliverability issues with emails sent to Google and Yahoo email addresses.

Who will be impacted by the new requirements?

If you send a newsletter or regular emails to your contacts and subscribers, these changes will affect you.This includes your email campaigns but also your automations, such as welcome series, cart abandonments, and post-enquiry flows.

The goal is to deliver less spam

These changes are a good thing, designed to ensure that people receive viable email communications from businesses. Less junk in an inbox translates to higher visibility for relevant messages, meaning your target audience is more likely to see your emails than ever before.

How to meet the new requirements:

There are a few actions you’ll need to take to be compliant:

  1. Set up a branded sending domain
  2. Set up DMARC authentication
  3. Align your ‘from’ address with your branded domain
  4. Provide a one-click unsubscribe option

If you’re unsure what this means, don’t worry! Click the button below and we can update your accounts for you.

Fixed Cost: $360 + GST

Yes, please update my accounts

What happens if I miss the deadline?

From April 1, Google will start rejecting a percentage of non-compliant emails. If your company relies on email to communicate with your customers and you don’t implement email authentication, these changes are going to significantly impact the deliverability of your messages to customers with Gmail, Yahoo, and Apple iCloud accounts.

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