How to Leverage the Power of Video Advertising -

How to Leverage the Power of Video Advertising

In 2023, 91% of businesses used video advertising as a marketing tool and 89% of users said they enjoyed seeing videos of a brand’s product or service. 

Video content is inherently more engaging than text or static images. It captures attention more effectively, increasing the likelihood of delivering your message to the audience.

The popularity of video content, particularly 15-30 second short form videos, lies in its ability to convey key information quickly in an engaging manner. It is seamless and adaptable and you’ll be happy to hear that it doesn’t require a huge budget to get started! Video advertising combines the power of visuals and storytelling to communicate messages effectively, and drive action. 

We have generated great results for our clients with the use of short form video advertising.

Why is video advertising so effective?


Short form video ads have the unique ability to capture and maintain viewers’ attention through visual stimulation, leading to higher engagement levels compared to other forms of advertising. When viewers are actively engaged with video ads, they are more likely to retain key messages, brand information, and product details; resulting to higher brand recognition. 


Video ads allow advertisers to convey their message in a compelling and memorable way, enhancing brand recall. You can set your brand apart from your competitors through engaging storytelling, making users remember your brand over others. Elements like values and personality can strengthen the identity in an authentic and relatable way. In doing so, builds stronger connections with your audience. 

Higher Reach

With the widespread use of smartphones, video content is highly accessible on mobile devices. This drives higher levels of interaction, sharing, and engagement compared to other types of content. The use of stories and reels amplifies brand reach and visibility. The social media algorithm prioritises video content which gives greater visibility for brands to place their ads in user’s feed. This allows for higher reach and therefore further exposure and traffic to the business. 


What are the top three channels for video ads?

The effectiveness of video ads depends on various factors such as the target audience and campaign objectives. Youtube, Meta and LinkedIn are the top three channels you should be placing your video ads on.


As the largest video-sharing platform globally, YouTube offers advertisers a vast audience and diverse targeting options. Advertisers can run video ads in various formats, including skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable ads, and display ads. YouTube’s robust targeting capabilities allow advertisers to reach specific demographics, interests, and viewing behaviours, making it an ideal platform for both brand awareness and performance-driven campaigns.


With billions of active users across Facebook and Instagram, it is the powerhouse for video advertising. Both platforms offer various ad formats, including in-feed video ads, stories ads, and reels ads, allowing advertisers to engage users in different contexts. Meta’s advanced demographic targeting options and custom audiences enable advertisers to reach highly relevant segments and drive conversions effectively.


LinkedIn has emerged as a prominent platform for B2B video ads, allowing advertisers to target professionals and decision-makers in specific industries or job roles. With the platform’s focus on professional networking and thought leadership, video ads on LinkedIn can help businesses drive brand awareness, generate leads, and nurture relationships with potential clients or partners.

These platforms offer advertisers the opportunity to leverage the power of video advertising to reach their target audience, drive engagement, and achieve their marketing objectives effectively.

Case Study 1. Indelible Homes

A short-form video ad was used alongside a single image ad to create a comprehensive campaign delivered across Meta channels. This showcased their projects and showhomes which in turn generated huge interest in Indelible Home’s services. The video campaigns have been successful in generating more high quality leads and brand exposure.

By the numbers:

93 enquiries

24% increase in click-through rate

68% drop in cost per lead


What they had to say:

“We have picked up lots of business since working together. I appreciate the ideas brought to the campaigns. Maya suggested the use of video ads to promote our services on Meta and I’m very happy with the outcome of the marketing. We recommend other design and build companies to partner with NZ Digital for their digital marketing.”


Case Study 2. Manukau Events Centre

We implemented a short-form video campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Meta to generate more enquiries to their events venue. The client had never seen booking numbers like this previously, a 20% increase to their previous carousel campaign. 

By the numbers:

53 venue bookings

28% increase in conversion rate

13% click-through rate


What they had to say:

“The team at NZ Digital have been great to work with, we have multiple business accounts with them and they keep our online marketing humming along. We have developed a long term relationship that goes beyond B2B. After 15 years in business we have found a true high level marketing partner.”


Finally, the top tips for creating effective video ads

Understand Your Audience

Begin by thoroughly researching your target audience, including their demographics, interests, preferences, and online behaviour. NZ Digital can help you gather insights into your audience’s needs and motivations to tailor your video ads effectively.

Optimise for Mobile Viewing

Given the high usage of mobile devices, ensuring that your video ads are optimised for mobile viewing. NZ Digital can create mobile-friendly video content that looks and performs well on smartphones and tablets, maximising reach and engagement.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Prompt viewers to take action after watching your video ad by including a clear and compelling call-to-action. Whether it’s visiting your website, making a purchase, or contacting you. NZ Digital can help you choose the most suitable CTA that drives desired outcomes.

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