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The Trends of 2017


Find out what some of the biggest trends were during 2017.
Some of them may surprise you.

Adam Harris

Posted 22 December 2017
by Adam Harris

Yep, we are actually in the last month of the year. While the rest of the world has been stuck in an alternate reality called vertically reality, spinning a cheap piece of plastic between there thumb and forefinger, you’ve been working hard on your future and ignoring the nonsense.

Top 5 2017 Searches on Google

You can’t deny that you haven’t searched anything on Google, lets be honest you’ve probably contributed to this list.

Top 5 Global Searches

  • iPhone X
  • Hurricane Irma
  • iPhone 8
  • Matt Lourer
  • Megan Markle

Wow, you can really tell where the human race’s priorities stand when you look at this. Let’s compare it to back here at home, what are New Zealander searching answers for?

Top 5 New Zealand Searches

  • Lotto Results NZ
  • America’s Cup 2017
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Election NZ 2017
  • NZTA Road Closuers

Wow, you can really tell where the human race’s priorities stand when you look at this. Let’s compare it to back here at home, what are New Zealander searching answers for?

Top 5 New Zealand Searches

  • Lotto Results NZ
  • America’s Cup 2017
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Election NZ 2017
  • NZTA Road Closuers


If using your imagination is too hard and the world is getting too real, jump into a new one with infinite possibility. Sound good? Well you have two options:

VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a digitally rendered game or program that will allow you to explore and interact with the chosen environment. For this new experience, you will need to buy a few things which will include a computer, headphones, VR goggles, VR controls, VR spacial recognition camera and a game/world to play in. It’s a bit expensive but if you want to fully immerse yourself into a different world with endless wonder then this is for you.

AR – Augmented Reality

Now if your working on a budget or just want to test the waters then Augmented Reality is right up your alley. This reality is essentially putting a new layer of reality on top of your existing real world reality. All you will need is your trusty smartphone and an AR app or game, allow it to access your camera and by the power of technology, your phone will manipulate the environment around you. For example, Pokèmon Go, a game which took the world by storm. Not only did this game get the hard-core gamer outside the house, and see the sun for the first time in a month, but it made the blog-standard activity of walking into a critical part of your daily tasks. If you don’t understand a word I’m talking about then make Pokèmon Go your first a AR game and try not telling me long walks haven’t become part of your daily routine.

Fashion that speaks

Lately, when you’re walking down the street have you notice the ‘silent’ protest. One of the in things to do now is to tell people you’re Vegan but this time, with a T-shirt. If you’re the kind of person that makes it a competition to tell strangers you’re Vegan before another other Vegan does, but keep getting the response “I didn’t ask” or “I don’t care” then this fashion trend is for you.

Are you Low Key Woke?

Did you understand the question? No. It’s all good I got you fam.
Every year there’s greater amounts of slang being invented and most of it fizzes out after a couple of months, it’s hard to keep up, even for us youngsters.

Top 5 Slang Word of 2017

Extra – excessive, dramatic behaviour

Snatched – Used to take the place of fashionable or perfect

Woke – being intellectually aware of Racism and Social Injustice

Low Key – quiet, modest, not very assertive

Face Huggers

A very popular beauty trend of 2017 was the Blackhead Mask, but this wasn’t any old face mask. This mask face could only go one of two ways, One, you pill of the mask with ease while clear your face of Blackheads, Two, the mask gets stuck to your face and it becomes a very painful experience but a least you got rid of those pesky Blackheads.

This product was a big hit on Instagram and Youtube, people loved watching strangers pill the masks off their face because for some reason it was oddly satisfying. But watching the Blackhead mask fails were a lot more entertaining.

AI Debate

There’s a very important debate happening right now that’s on par with Global Warming and Pineapple on Pizza, it’s about Artificial intelligence. The big question is can we trust something that we create that will become smarter then our whole race ever would in a short space of time.

Like anything, there are Pro’s and Con’s to this argument which takes intensive amounts of research to understand, but it can be done.


Basically the Pro’s to AI are that own lives as humans will become a lot more easier and a lot less dangerous, Artificial intelligence will be able to solve many problems in a short period of time which will help them come up with a more logical solution.


Ever watched Terminator? Well that is a very extreme possible but a possibility non the less. AI might find that there is no use for humans and eliminate us before we become a threat. Less extreme predictions are that the cost would be too high to maintain, people loose their jobs and becuase it’s not human it won’t be able to perform all the task we want it to preform.

The beat of 2017

One thing we love to do here at NZ Digital is listening to music while we work and having some decent music really helps to keep the office a positive place.

Top 5 Song of 2017

Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

Bodak Yellow – Cardi B

Slide – Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & Migos

Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber

XO Tour Llife 3 – Lil Uzi Vert

Now that you’re all caught up with 2017 you can start thinking about the next trendy idea for 2018 and see if it takes off. We’ll be here waiting to see if it makes out 2018 trending blog post.

From all of us here at NZ Digital, Happy New Year.

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