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Betta Inspect It is a licensed building inspection business with member companies providing specialist home inspections throughout New Zealand.

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Leading the way

Betta Inspect It specialises in the inspection of residential homes and buildings.

A building inspector will complete a detailed report using computerised onsite data collection tools and electronic reporting the company produces online reports that are both impressive and comprehensive.

Betta Inspect Its’ reports are accepted by all the major banks and lending institutions.

All reports have been assessed by the NZIBI (New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors) and are compliant (based on the “exception of information bases”) with NZS: 4306 “The New Zealand Building Surveying Standard”

The company was founded in 2013 by Matt Mason, a qualified Architectural Engineer with a passion for property, keen on utilising software processes to drive an innovative business model that has resulted in Betta Inspect It being one of the most preferred and trusted building inspection companies in the country.

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Challenges & Objectives

As the Betta Inspect It continued to grow, their digital strategy needed to adjust as well. With different goals for the head office and Betta Inspect It as a whole, it became clear that it was necessary to build a business application that could handle the business operational requirements in one location for the overall organisation.

The directors wanted to focus on providing better solutions to customers
rather than dealing with IT issues arising from the many applications being used by the nationwide team. Each region needed to be able to operate effectively as individuals, but also be all part of the same family sharing knowledge and advice when required.

Solving the problem

Each regional office deals with hundreds of property inspections, meth tests, reports and invoicing tasks each year. NZ Digital were engaged with developing a solution to bring all of these functions together in an intuitive easy to use software application.

What we’ve developed is a custom software solution that takes care of the day to day business operations of the business – report generating, email, live chat and invoicing, all completed from a single location, removing the need to deal with multiple applications.

The overall structure encourages the user to stay within the application, it can be accessed from anywhere and best of all if a device is broken it takes minimal time to get up and running again, simply open the app on a new device, login and you’re up and running again. No IT support required.

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Betta Inspect It Software

Client Testimonial

“A huge thank you, you and your team have backed us from the beginning. You understood our needs and business objectives. You stood by your word and delivered a business changing solution. Our new software is something that was a dream and has now come to fruition and we have the NZ Digital team to thank for that. The journey has just begun.”

Matt Mason, Betta Inspect

The Results

The result is a robust platform that unifies Betta Inspect It’s vision under a clear platform structure while providing the tools required for the Betta Inspect It team to be more efficient, documented and customer focused.

The Benefits

Automation has reduced staff & inspector input while increasing productivity, business efficiencies and making operationals more fluid.

Centralisation of business systems has meant the team has more control & over what they do, meaning less reliance operationally on management and more ownership in the work produced.

Cloud-based software has meant that any device can be used at any time, allowing for more flexible working hours and less reliance on hardware and individual machines.

Flow on Effects

The application has created a higher level of work ownership from the Betta Inspect It team while creating a big shift in culture.

Pressure has been lifted off the administration and support team. All time-critical operational systems are now handled either by the inspector in the software or via automation.

The software eliminates scalability issues allowing the Betta Inspect It business to continue to grow sustainably with the knowledge robust software and systems are in place.

Enhanced Processes

Report generation saves the business time and staff overheads by allowing the inspectors to generate reports without reliance on the admin team.

Internal chat eliminates the geographic separation between inspectors
and allows quick communication with the entire team at once, saving time while sharing collective knowledge.

Cloud-based, shared file storage makes documents easy to locate and file quickly. There is no need for inspectors to contact administration for medial tasks like file location or documentation.

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