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Being More Productive At Work


Your employees’s productivity drives your business so the more productive they are,
the better your business will do.

Adam Harris

Posted 29 April 2016
by Adam Harris

As a business owner you’re always looking at productivity, how to measure it, how to improve it and how to get the most from each hour of work.

If you have employees, their productivity is what drives your business and the more productive they are, typically, the better your business will do.

As a digital marketing agency we track, measure and look to improve our productivity so that we get the most out of each day and our clients get the most out of us. Being technically minded, we use a few key pieces of cloud software that help us to achieve better productivity results.

Below is a brief introduction to the three most used productivity tools in our office.


Say goodbye to paperwork, messy spreadsheets, time-consuming admin tasks, and many other hassles of running a business. If you are a service business and you track time – or even bill based on time – then WorkflowMax is for you.

At NZ Digital we have used WorkflowMax from the beginning. All quotes, estimates and jobs are run through this system and integrated directly with our Xero accounting software. From job reports for team meetings, analysing job profitability or updating client records WorkflowMax is at the centre of everything we do.

To read more about WorkflowMax and to trial it for free, visit www.workflowmax.com

Float Schedule

Float is an award-winning resource scheduling software for planning your team’s time. Float is trusted by the world’s top agencies and brands in more than 70 countries including Nike, Google and Deloitte.

Ever wondered how you’re going to fit all the upcoming jobs in? We utilise Float Schedule to constantly plan out our work into a visual representation that the whole team can see. When working to a deadline we can plan out chunks of the week for the right team members to ensure we get all the jobs done, on time, every time.

To see more about Float Schedule and try it for free, visit www.floatschedule.com


Team communication for the 21st century. With Slack, you don’t need to wait around for the next email or that elusive meeting invite.

Being in the digital industry we are constantly talking to one another and sharing ideas and project updates. Emailing every little update is slow and painful and takes considerable time out of each day. Slack solves any team communication issues and provides a central hub for communicating on each project or just general day to day tasks. Everything is searchable and filterable with built in notifications so that you never loose an important message.

To give Slack a go, visit www.slack.com

The utilisation of these tools has helped us raise our productivity levels, but most importantly it helps us maintain a high quality of work and track the results. Check these tools out for your business and if you have any questions please get in touch with us.

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