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Rayglass Boats

Established in 1985 Rayglass Boats are recognised as leading designers and manufacturers of high GRP quality power boats.

Rayglass Boats


Website Design

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Established in 1985 Rayglass Boats are recognised as leading designers and manufacturers of high GRP quality power boats. Constructed of fibreglass and produced in the Legend sport fishing and cabin cruiser styles as well as the Protector rigid inflatable pontoon (RIB) style of work, leisure boats and tenders.

The highest endorsement of Rayglass’ performance has come from the organisers of the world’s most prestigious yacht races – the Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup – who have, again chosen a fleet of Legend and Protector boats for on-water patrol and umpiring vessels.

Rayglass Boats partnered with NZ Digital to redesign their website and create a digital marketing platform that better reflected the company’s personality, while still maintaining its market position as leading designers and manufacturers of high quality GRP power boats.

Challenges & Objectives


Communicate Unique Brand Story

Highlight Rayglass Boats reputation for excellence in design and total commitment to quality and performance.

Inspire Brand Ambassadorship

Educate customers on the “why” behind Rayglass Boats “exceptional on water performance” and “utmost attention to quality and detail”.

Increase Online Engagement

It was important that we made the content and media easily transferable to other digital marketing mediums.

Planning the Framework

The RayGlass Boats range includes 5 models of thier legendary GPR boats and 8 models of the world class Protector RIBS.

There are many user choices and variables to consider — and there are even greater content variables when approaching administrating items. For the new online customer experience, we would have to craft an entirely new approach for the RayGlass team, one that equips the marketing and sales teams with product communication flexibility.

The specs needed to display accurately for all boats, including all possible engine and fit-out combinations. To up the ante even further, we added full galleries and 360 video tours of the boats. The digital platform would require a simple content management strategy that would allow for easy updates as required.

RayGlass Boats boasts a tremendous community of passionate and loyal fans, due in no small part to its fantastic boats, which is paired with an enjoyable brand experience. Therefore, any new design work needed to deliver the same enjoyable customer experience that Rayglass fans have come to expect from the brand.

What the client says

“Adam and his team at NZ Digital have been fantastic to work with. Attention to detail and great people are the first things that come to mind when we were working with NZ Digital to develop our website. We can highly recommend this team to get the job done for you”

Matthew Flanagan, RayGlass Boats

Rayglass Boats

The Results

With a robust website, mobile experience, 360 degree tour system and full boat galleries, RayGlass Boats now has a comprehensive digital presence that is as expansive as their fan base.


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