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NZ Digital’s 5 Simple Ways to Make More Christmas Sales


If you haven’t thought about how you’re going to capitalise on the festive season
to make more sales then read on, this blog is for you

Adam Harris

Posted 4 December 2015
by Adam Harris

NZ Digital’s 5 Simple Ways to Make More Christmas Sales

1. Send a Christmas Email

Send a Christmas email newsletter to your database with examples of products you stock that would make great gifts. Email is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your existing customers and remind them how you can make their Christmas shopping easier this year. This is often a busy time of the year for most people so if you make your product or services easily accessible it’s win, win.

2. Create a Christmas Gift Guide on your Website

Another simple way to remind customers about your best products or services is by creating a Christmas gift guide. Create a page or a news post showcasing some of the most popular products you sell and remember to include good imagery. Send the gift guide out via email or your social networks for maximum exposure.

3. Create a 12 Days of Christmas Promotion

Offer a special product or service every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. It could be a discount on a product, free shipping, gift with purchase, or a limited edition product not available all the time. Use social media and email marketing to increase the exposure of your promotion. Give customers a reason to keep checking back to increase the chances that they’ll buy something and remember to keep it bright and cheerful, it’s Christmas after all.

4. Create a Pop Up Store

Want to create a bit of a buzz around your products or services this Christmas, A pop up store could be just the ticket. Find an area in town that has high foot traffic and organise to have a pop up store for a short period. Try teaming up with other businesses to create a market day or similar. People love the excitement of pop up spaces and it’s a great way to engage with new and existing customers in an exciting environment.

5. Give a Little

Give something to charity for each purchase made by your customers during the Christmas period. This is one of the easiest ways to “bring social” good into your business this Christmas. Not only does it create goodwill but you’re giving back as well. If it’s a choice between your product and someone elses, an affiliation with a charity could make all the difference.

That tops the 5 simplest ways to make more Christmas sales this year. If you need a hand with any of the above promotions please get in touch.

As a final note you can check out 25 Of The Best Christmas Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2014 here.

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