Why aren’t people visiting your new website?

How Digital Marketing Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website.

There’s no point having an exceptional new website if no one knows it’s there. Find out how strategic digital marketing can help you increase your traffic.

So you’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a brand new business website. Your website is looking great, but is it working for you? It’s not enough to simply build a new website; it needs to be part of a digital marketing strategy.

The importance of a digital marketing strategy

Your website is the beating heart of your online business, but it is also a customer’s final destination. Whether your visitors arrive on your homepage seeking information or with the intention of buying a product, they don’t get there on their own. If you want to significantly increase the visitors to your website, you’ll need to show them the way. That’s why you need a digital marketing strategy, a guide for the activity you’ll perform to direct potential customers to your website. Elements of your strategy could include:

  • Social Media: Organic posting and paid advertising.
  • Google Ads: Paid search campaigns.
  • SEO: Optimising your website content.
  • Email Marketing: Newsletters and targeted drip campaigns.

You can learn more about how to create an effective digital marketing strategy by downloading our free eBook.

Digital marketing activity that will drive traffic

You won’t dramatically increase the amount of traffic coming to your website by simply scheduling a few Facebook posts or sending out one email; successful digital marketing comes down to quality, consistency and knowing your audience.

Quality: The content you create, whether it’s a downloadable eBook, a Google Ad or a video on social media, needs to be valuable. Consider who you’re talking to. Speak their language, address their challenges and questions, and offer useful advice that will assist them along their path to purchase. A good digital marketing strategy understands that acquiring new customers is about more than just pushing product in their face.

Consistency: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any loyal customer base. Digital marketing takes time. Be consistent with your digital marketing activity and you will reap the long-term rewards. Over time, delivering high quality content on a regular basis will see engagement pick up. Create a calendar with all of your regular social media, email, paid search and campaign activity to maintain visibility across all your channels.

Knowing your audience: If you’re already undertaking digital marketing activity and your analytics data indicates it’s not successfully driving traffic, you may not be targeting your audience in the right way (or the right place). Go back to your user personas and refine them if needed or create new ones from scratch if you haven’t done this. It’s also helpful to ask your existing customers where they get their information from. If your target audience primarily uses Instagram to engage with brands in your industry and you’ve been focussing on Facebook, you need to change things up. Experiment with demographic targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn and monitor which posts receive the highest levels of engagement and drive the most people to your online store.

A cost effective way to getting more website visitors

If you don’t have a large marketing spend, you can still create effective digital marketing campaigns that generate traffic – as long as you’re strategic about it. By ensuring your website is well optimised, spending time on conversion-focussed content marketing and nurturing your email database, you can bring in potential customers. Find out more about how to carry out digital marketing on a budget.

The key thing to remember is that you can’t simply build a website and expect visitors to come in droves. Your website might be exceptionally designed for converting visitors into paying customers, but you need to get them there first.

Successful digital marketing comes down to quality, consistency and knowing your audience.

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