Web Design For Primary Industries: An Essential Checklist
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Web Design Best Practice For Primary Industries


The web design needs of primary industries need to be tailored so that they can deliver the best return on investment. Here’s what to look for.


Posted 13 May 2020
by Scott Bloomer

Not every website is alike, and the needs of your business and your wider industry should dictate its design features and functionality.

So how do the unique needs of those operating in New Zealand’s primary industries space impact their web design, Let’s take a look.

1. Web design that supports your bottom line

Whether you’re aiming to increase your sales, expand your supply chain or improve your export opportunities, your website needs to be designed to achieve these results. From the get-go, your web design agency should have conversations with you about what you’re looking to achieve, in order to design a site that has these goals built into every facet. From the calls to action, the imagery, layout and navigation – everything needs to serve your overall objectives. This means having a goal-oriented site infrastructure, landing pages optimised for conversion and Google Analytics integration so you can monitor how well your site is delivering on those goals.

2. Web design that connects with your audience

Websites for primary industries need to be purpose-built with a target audience in mind. Who is going to be visiting your website, why, and what do they want to find when they get there? A web design agency with experience designing for primary industries will capture this information in a customer journey map, which will serve as a guide to designing a website that is built with UX principles at its core. This means it will offer a meaningful experience to visitors that encourages them to take the actions you want them to take (e.g. ordering your products, contacting you, downloading an asset, or signing up to your industry insights newsletter).

3. Web design that clearly communicates your USPs

Your website also needs to position you apart from competitors by communicating your unique point of difference in the market. It’s an opportunity to showcase to consumers and other stakeholders who are searching for information about your products online what it is that you do differently. Your unique selling points could be the incredible passion of your staff, your connection with your local region, your history, the quality of your products or all of the above. Your website needs to reflect these and offer something human people can relate to; after all, the most effective digital marketing is done by brands who connect to their audience on a personal level. Your core values and what sets you apart should be embedded in your website’s infrastructure and design, from the imagery that’s used to the written copy on the page.

4. Web design that effectively tells your brand story

Whether you’re about to launch into the FMCG market or are well-established and need a web design refresh, you’ll need a website and accompanying digital marketing strategy that achieves maximum impact. This may require different mediums of storytelling and you’ll need a web design agency that can do it all. Whether you’re committed to fostering a sustainable ethos within your industry, are an industry leader producing valuable market insights, or are investing in research and innovation projects, you can share these highlights with stakeholders in a multitude of ways. Content marketing such as eBooks, industry white papers, infographics, blog articles, industry insights, email drip campaigns and the copy on your website’s landing pages should all be targeted to communicating what you’re all about in a way that connects and converts.

5. Web design that’s flexible

When you operate in a fast-paced industry with a lot of moving parts you want your digital marketing to move just as quickly as you do. You need a team of people who are dedicated, understand your industry inside out and can get stuck right in. When enlisting the services of a web design agency, talk to them about the functionality, features and flexibility they offer to operating in primary industries and to your type of business in particular. A good one will be able to tailor their offering to suit your needs.

Here at NZ Digital we’ve a wealth of experience designing websites for primary industries. So whether you’re operating in fisheries or forestry or anything in between, give us a call to find out how we can help improve your bottom line, tell your story and communicate your unique point of difference through a flexible, purpose-driven web design solution.

Talk to us about how we can help. 

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