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The quick easy affordable way to get on top of your rental property tax

Property Tax Returns offer a quick, easy and affordable way deal with your property tax requirements and access any refunds that may be due. They are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue and offer a simplified service, making your property tax return a breeze.

Their highly trained staff are up to date with property taxation rules in New Zealand. Due to the nature of investment properties in New Zealand, and the associated tax benefits, the majority of our clients receive a tax refund as a result of their service.
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Challenges and Objectives

Property Tax Returns looked to the NZ Digital team to help them create a comprehensive property tax returns tool that allows rental property owners to get the right tax advice and services tailored more specifically to their needs.

Positioning PTR as a Market Leader

In order to clearly communicate the specialised range of services Property Tax Returns offers, we created a primary navigation element that takes users directly to a services page.

This page uses iconography to highlight PTR’s expertise in property tax returns, tax advice, property insurance, structuring advice and consulting services.

In order to position PTR as a leading property accounting firm, NZ Digital created a website that further distinguishes PTR with a modern design that enhances the brand’s sophistication with a clean interface and functionality.



Client Testimonial

“Being a start-up business it was essential that we got our digital representation right. The guys from NZ Digital took a tricky brief and brought it to life for us, including some great design and functional elements. Open communication throughout the process was a highlight. Feedback on the website from our board, customers and stakeholders has been extremely positive.”

Matthew Harris, Property Tax Returns

The Results

The result is a modern website that effectively elevates the Property Tax Returns brand and provides a smooth user experience, regardless of the device being used.


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Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Leads From Website

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