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An Ancient Remedy For Modern Lives

An ancient remedy for modern lives, deer velvet gives strength, protects and restores. Gevir have harnessed the renewable and powerful qualities of this natural product to create the premium dietary supplement that is Gevir Premium Deer Velvet.

Gevir Deer Velvet is grown right here in New Zealand. It comes from some of the highest quality deer bloodline and genetic stock found in the world. This means you get a premium and pure product free from man-made chemicals and synthetic additives.

All Gevir Premium products use the entire velvet in a chemical-free manufacturing process to ensure the best possible benefits are realised.
Launch Website


Challenges and Objectives

When new owners Josh and Penny Buckman took over Gevir Premium Deer Velvet they wanted to lift their game, this included a complete overhaul of the branding, packaging and positioning of the business. NZ Digital were engaged to bring this vision together online. We worked hard to ensure their eCommerce website aligned both with the brand story and what Gevir products represent.

Combined with trick technology this website is a pleasure to use, allowing Gevir customers from all over the world to purchase their great products with a minimum of effort.

Getting to Work

Our platform design makes wise use of simple customer pathways to showcase the key benefits of Gevir Premium Deer Velvet.

The experience was designed to tell a story not simply sell product, it’s important that users learn more about Gevir’s story and ultimately the benefits of this great product.

It was key to create a visually inspiring platform that brought a natural feel to a site that showcases a natural product. Light natural pastel colouring, people based imagery and a clear brand story hit this one home.



Client Testimonial

“Adam and the team at NZ Digital exude confidence and throughout our new website development it was easy to see why. Professional plan, execution and follow up with a really approachable team. Their ability to challenge thinking and share advice through a wealth of experience has been greatly appreciated by the Gevir team. I would recommend NZ Digital to any business looking to define a clear strategy to take their business to a new level online and within social media and I believe our results speak for themselves”

Josh Buckman, Gevir Premium Deer Velvet

The Results

As the new work was released into the market, people began to realise all the ways that they could improve their health with Gevir Premium Deer Velvet. Through the use of more effective messaging, multiple customer engagement pathways and keeping people informed of the product benefits has created a more informative and effective selling site.

The result of our work has been higher customer engagement, increased brand awareness, and most importantly, a significant reduction in bounce rate, a boost in traffic and a higher conversion rate.


Increase In Monthly Visitors


Reduction in Bounce Rate


Increase in Online Sales

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